Quality builds reputation, Reputation guarantee high quality

Core Concept: Sincerity, Responsibility, Innovation,Continue to improve the production process and enhance the products quality and service base on ISO 9001. Strengthens on innovative & effective, efficient management to provide good products & service to customer, share growth & value with shareholders, partners, employees and society.

  • Business

    There is no secret for running a manufacturing business. The most important issue is to be aware of the latest industrial information, to collect and analyze information efficiently, and to transform them into the appropriate products at the right time for the right people. As well as to create as much value as possible for the customers, and simultaneously, the development of both parties is continued in the win-win situations.

  • Machine

    This is You Ji's business philosophy since its establishment t in 1977. In practice, the utilization of the high precision manufacturing facilities and the adoption of the strict assembly control with rigorous inspection in the factory always ensures the perfect completion of each machine.

  • Service

    Our goal is always to meet customers' applications by collaborating and exchanging information with the international manufacturers, and continuously developing and upgrading the techniques and design in production, in order to offer higher quality products and prompt after-sale services. Therefore, the customers are thoroughly satisfied and benefited from its 26 years great experience and the total commitment.

Best Choice

Based on management philosophy, as a stand-alone machine or as part of a flexible manufacturing system, the versatile design configuration of You Ji's products would be your best choice in any aspect of industrial application:

  • Decreased gravitational and centrifugal forces maintain zero elliptical motion during cutting giving optimum roundness.
  • Excellent surface contact between work-piece and chuck to ensure higher precision machining on all YV series machines.
  • Easy to loading & unloading for irregular-shaped and heavy-duty work-pieces.
  • Vertical turning lathe occupies less floor-space in setting up.
  • Vertical turning lathe is based on ergonomics designed and simple to link with the automatic production line.

Safety and Health Policies

  • Mission “Safety is no Accident”. Accidents are but a moment away; by ignoring the little ones you are inviting a big one. Make safety a habit is always You Ji Enterprise Mission.
  • Responsibility The staff is treated as the most precious treasure and assets to the company, the company sustainable management also relies on the internal cohesion from all You Ji staffs.
Enterprise Principles
  • Safety is the company's basic requirements, anyone may not be in violation of regulations and must follow the safety rules.
  • Workers must follow the safety rules, any actions go against the rules are not permitted and need to be timely rectified through safety training to improve.
  • Promote the safety and health management system, continuously improve safety and health management performance, and decrease the injury, disease cases.
  • To establish best communication channels for suppliers, contractors, interested groups, to understand the company's safety and health policy and related practices, maintain the security responsibility.
  • Regularly review safety and health policy, keep in line with the company correlation and conformance, to set final health and safety objectives.
  • Most importantly, to find out the root cause of accidents and to prevent similar accidents in the future.
General manager

Brand Story

40 years ago, while the period of the occurrence of numerical control upset the industry and caused considerable problems to established companies. Through this invention the industry was thrust into the age of digital electronic machine-tool controls. You Ji awoke to the opportunities that were created for a variety of new products and business models in the market place and started the machine tools manufacturing business since 1978.

You Ji Company moved with the times and growing stronger. Within a short span of 10 years, we have witnessed the emergence of You Ji’s growth, bringing with customer satisfaction and our brand image. World leading industries are proving that You Ji technology performs advanced and applicable achievements for the efficiency, environment, ergonomic and safety.

As You Ji employees, we have a tough job. We are part of a world-wide effort to gearing up the global industries and economic, for today and for the future.


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